Woburn, MA

Core Environmental Contractors is located and operates out of Woburn, Massachusetts and we are proud to be a part of this wonderful community. Woburn is known as an industrial city and was known for its tanneries that produced leather for Shoes, Belts and Clothing. After dealing with the water contamination crisis that hit the town in the 1970's, Woburn has been doing its best to clean up its industrial buildings, therefore cleaning up its rivers and water supply. Core Environmental Contractors are experts when it comes to Vinyl Asbestos Tile and will deal with your asbestos problems in an environmentally friendly way.

Woburn is also known for having a lot of commercial and industrial buildings that require large amounts of Interior Demolition. Having worked in Woburn for over 3 years not, Core Contractors have become experts in dealing with these large build demolitions and know how to do the job quickly, quietly and environmentally friendly

Please call Core Environmental Contractors if you have any question regarding demolition, asbestos removal, Fire & Water damage or Lead & Mold Remediation. (781) 721-4540