Somerville, MA

Somerville Massachusetts is the prototypical working class, blue-collar city. Winner of the 2009 All-American City Award, Somerville is a diverse city where many hard working immigrants settled down in the earlier part of the 20th century. Somerville became a popular place to settle due to the surrounding communities of Cambridge and Boston. The printing industry also took off in Somerville due to the number of College in the surround areas like MIT, Harvard and Tufts. With the progress of technology and the internet, many of these printing companies and other manufacturers, went out of business, leaving behind the old mills and warehouses. Some have been renovated and reused; some still need some work done. Call the experts at Core Environmental for any questions regarding old mills.

Somerville is also the most densely populated area in all of New England and is in the top 20 in the country. That means when you need work done on your house, it needs to be done in tight corridors, quietly and neatly. Core Contractors are trained to keep all of our projects as unnoticeable to the surrounding homes as possible. We’ll get the job done quickly, quietly and cleanly.

Please call Core Environmental Contractors if you have any question regarding demolition, asbestos removal, Fire & Water damage or Lead & Mold Remediation. (781) 721-4540