Causes of Water Damage

Water Damage is described as a large number of possible losses that is caused by water intruding where it will attack systems or materials by destroying them through the process such as rusting of steel, rotting of wood, rusting, and de-laminating of materials. Water damage can be undetectably slow and minor or it can become something prompt and disastrous such as flooding causing a major loss of property.

Water damage can come from different causes including:

  • Broken pipes
  • Clogged toilet
  • Broken dishwasher hose
  • Washing machine overflow
  • Leakage in dishwasher
  • Leaking roof
  • Moisture behind walls
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Foundation cracks
  • Bad weather (snow, rain, floods)

Water damage restoration will be required in case of any water damage events, when these events occur it can be a terrible time for home and business owners. If not handled properly right away by a professional water damage company, water damage can cause property value to decrease.

Core Environmental has years of experience dealing with water damage. We will assess the extent of the water damage to impacted building materials and content, allowing us to determine which materials can be restored and what needs to be replace. While beginning the process we will also protect all unaffected areas.  When water damage affects you let Core Environmental return your building to new.

Call us today at 781-721-4540 for a free estimate.

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