Preparing for Fall Season

Fall season is upon us, soon enough we will be enjoying sweater weather along with the foliage, but with that comes the cold weather, the temperature will drop and we will soon begin to close our windows and crank up the heat.

Having mold indoors can cause health problems; it produces allergens, irritants and some potential toxic substances. Right now it’s the perfect time to start preparing your home from mold exposure for the fall and cold weather. Make sure to keep the moisture in your home under control along with any water or dry water damaged areas to prevent mold growth. Be sure to double check on your ventilation/heating/HVAC systems if you suspect any mold growth.

Contact Core Environmental Contracting today if you suspect any mold build up in your home, we are experienced in cleaning up mold remediation with a variety of techniques that is used to remove mold from the environment.

Call us today at 781-721-4540 for a free estimate.

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