VAT & Asbestos Removal in North Brookfield, MA

The crew at Core Environmental Contractors headed west last week to visit North Brookfield, MA in Worcester County. We were in town to complete phases 2 and 3 in a VAT and Asbestos Removal job.

Asbestos Removal in North Brookfield, MA

Phase 2 consisted of the removal of approximately 90 linear feet of asbestos wrapped pipe located under floor boards. This was performed under full containment to prevent the spread of any harmful materials in the air.

VAT Removal in North Brookfield, MA

Phase 3 consisted of the removal of 40 square feet of Vinyl Asbestos Tile (VAT) and mastic by cutting out flooring. This was also performed under full containment.

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Water Damage Restoration due to Ice Jams in Dover, NH

It has been an interesting first half of winter from snow, to bitter cold, to 50 degrees to torrential downpour, we’ve seen it all this winter. These crazy weather patterns have caused some flooding problems for our friends up north in New Hampshire. Ice Jams caused the Pemigewasset River to get backed up and is now at a height of 15.2 feet, which is 13 feet above flood stage.

Water Damage Restoration Services from Ice Jams in New Hampshire

Ice Jams occur when a river freezes due to cold winter temperatures, then, when the temperatures heat up, the ice breaks up into chunks and sometimes gets stuck at a bend in the river. Once enough ice builds up, it essentially forms a dam, or Ice Jam, blocking the flow of water. To make matters worse, the rising temperatures caused snow to melt into runoff water, coupled with the heavy rains we have gotten, and that’s a forecast for a big flood. The entire state of New Hampshire was put on flood watch last week and unfortunately many homes did get flooded.

We got called up to Dover, New Hampshire for our Water Damage Restoration services after many homeowners were dealing with flooding basements and more. First we will come by your location to assess the damage to determine which materials can be restored and what has to be replaced. We will protect all undamaged areas of your home to prevent further damage and then begin our work.

Core Environmental Contractors knows it can be tough when dealing with something like Water Damage from flooding and we know many New Hampshire residents are dealing with that right now. The sooner you take action, the more of your home can be restored or protected. Contact us today at 781-721-4540 to learn more about our services or to send a crew to your home ASAP.

Vinyl Asbestos Tile Removal in Newton, MA

The crew at Core Environmental Contractors recently spent some time at a residence in Newton, MA. This residential home consisted of small amounts of vinyl asbestos tile (VAT) and mastic in the basement. After testing and confirming our samples contained asbestos, we sent our crew over to remove the VAT and the mastic adhesive which held the tiles in place. Both the VAT and mastic contained asbestos.

Vinyl tiles have always seemed like a harmless part of your house. Many do-it-yourselfers figure that they can rip up the tile themselves to save some money, not knowing the potential harm that can lay within those tiles. When people hear the word “Asbestos”, they generally think of it as something that lays within the dark recesses of your basement or attic. Unfortunately, this is not true. If your vinyl flooring was installed between the years of 1952 -1986, chances are those are considered Vinyl Asbestos Tiles (VAT) and you need to call a trained professional.

Core Environmental Contractors offers all sorts of Asbestos Removal services including VAT removal for any business or home remodeling project you are looking to perform. If you are unsure if your vinyl tiles contain asbestos, we also offer Asbestos Testing services. One of our trained technicians will come to your location, take samples from the appropriate areas of your home and send them off to a lab to be tested. Core Environmental Contractors is a one-stop shop for all your Asbestos Removal needs. We can check your house from top to bottom for any areas that may contain asbestos, get the samples tested, and then remove any asbestos that we find in your home in an environmentally friendly manner.

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Asbestos Removal Job in Hull, MA

The boys spent some time over on the beautiful peninsula of Hull, MA recently working on an asbestos and mastic job. Hull is one of the smallest town in Massachusetts by land mass but is actually densely populated with a wonderful, tight knit community.

Asbestos Removal in Hull, MA

This business recognized that they had an asbestos problem and wanted the situation resolved ASAP. They contacted us and we dispatched our crew right away to resolve their problem. Asbestos problems happen all throughout our country, since many building still standing today were built in the asbestos era. If you expereince this problem at your business, the best thing you can do is respond and react immediately, like this business. Asbestos problems that go unattended to can lead to lawsuits from workers or a drop in customers coming to your location.

Contact that Asbestos Testing and Removal experts at Core Environmental Contracting today to learn about our services or to have our crew dispatched to your location right away. Call 781-721-4540

Asbestos Testing in North Shore, Massachusetts

Residential Asbestos Testing in Massachusetts

Core Environmental Contractors has been performing Asbestos Removal in the North Shore area for 5 years, while working in the industry for over 25 years. Recently, our Asbestos Removal experts got certified to perform Asbestos Testing on materials in your home or business.

Asbestos cannot be detected with the naked eye unless it is properly labeled. Generally, samples need to be taken and brought into a lab to be tested. Many materials that contain Asbestos are normally fine if the material is in good shape, however, once the material gets damaged by water, construction, vibrations, etc, it can become life threatening for humans to breath in. Asbestos can damage the lungs and cause cancer.

If you are worried about Asbestos in your home or work place, it is not something you should chance. Give Core Environmental Contractors a call today to have a trained expert come out to test the material, and if necessary, perform residential or commercial asbestos removal to ensure a safe environment to work or live. Call today at 781-721-4540

Asbestos Removal in Osterville, Barnstable, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Angel and some of the other Core Environmental Contractors enjoyed their work this week doing some asbestos removal work in Osterville, Barnstable, Cape Cod, MA… Boy, that is a mouthful. They worked on a commercial building, ripping up and removing some carpet and VAT in the lobby to make sure the building is now asbestos free and safe for people to work in.

For those of you wondering  what Osterville is, it is one of seven villages within the town of Barnstable, Massachusetts, USA. The village of Osterville is located on the south side of Barnstable on Nantucket Sound and is a residential community that includes marshes, bays, ponds, a small lake, beaches, and a small business district.

Osterville Barnstable MA Asbestos Removal

Osterville was originally named Cotacheset, based on the native American name for the area. Over time it became a center for “oystering” (harvesting wild oysters) and was renamed Oysterville. Later a map misspelled the name as Osterville and the village became so. Armstrong-Kelley Park, the oldest and largest privately owned park on Cape Cod, is located in Osterville. Crosby Boat Yard is port to the Crosby catboat, and the Wianno senior, which was a favorite of former President John F. Kennedy.

Core Environmental Contractors has decades of experience working with Asbestos Removal and Interior Demolition projects throughout Eastern Massachusetts. Whether you have concerns of asbestos in your home or business, or are looking to repair some water damage from a flood, Core offers it all. Give Jack a call today to learn more about our services or to get an estimate! 781-721-4540

Asbestos Removal Cleanup in Everett, MA

Known as one of the more blue-collard, hardworking cities in the United States, Everett, MA is home to many businesses and factories, including the household name peanut better, Teddie. Having been settled almost 400 years ago, some century old structures still remain today. Many old homes and factors have been remodeled into beautiful antique homes, but there are some older structures that still remain today. If you are looking to purchase an old home or business to remodel and renovate it, it makes sense to make sure you look over all health risk while doing so.

Asbestos Removal & Abatement Cleanup in Everett, MA

DLM Remodeling has been working on Asbestos Removal and Abatement projects in the areas for almost 2 decades. Just last week we worked on an Asbestos Removal project in Everett, removing all hazardous material and disposing of it properly in an environmentally friendly way. If you have any questions about health risks of asbestos or how our services works, give us a call to find out more. 781-721-4540. Our other services include Interior Demolition, Mold Remediation, Fire & Water Restoration and more!

Asbestos Removal Jobs in Brockton, MA and Hull, MA

Last week the crew at Core Environmental Contracting took on a difficult asbestos linoleum removal job in Brockton, MA. The project was a great challenge to our crew, but our supervisor, Bobby, has made good use of his longtime experience when tackling this project head on! Brockton saw a great population boom toward the end of the 19th century, during the American Civil War. As the population grew, before anybody knew the harm that asbestos could cause, new buildings were being put up throughout the small city that used different forms of asbestos for noise reduction, insulation and its strength.

Asbestos Removal in Brockton, MA

As the facts came out about Asbestos and the harm they can cause to humans, small cities and towns, like Brockton, stated taking action! New use of asbestos stopped and cities have begun asbestos removal work over the past 4 decades. Although some buildings still need renovations, Brockton has done a great job of properly removing asbestos and keeping the city in tip-top shape. In fact, 4 of the last 8 years, Brockton has been award as one of the Best 100 Communities for Young People in the United States. Core Environmental Contracting is proud to assist the community of Brockton as it continues the removal of asbestos.

Other recent work at Core includes asbestos removal for a renovation project in Hull, MA. Call Core Environmental Contractors today to learn more about our Asbestos Removal Services! 781-721-4540

Asbestos Removal and Information in Massachusetts

Even 100 years after discovering the harm that asbestos can do to the human body, today we are still having major problems with Asbestos related deaths from asbestosis, cancer and mesothelioma cause by lack of asbestos removal projects and awareness. Asbestos is a fibrous mineral that naturally occurs from many different silicates. It was used so widely in the 19th century because at the time, it offered a whole list of benefits before anyone knew the harm it could cause. Asbestos was mainly used in manufacturing factories because it is sound absorbent, strong, insulating, resistant to fire and most importantly, it is very inexpensive!

                The United States EPA has declared what the different fibers are that are considered “asbestos” and they include serpentine, chrysotile, amphibole, amosite, crocidolite and other materials. Just about half of all asbestos production takes place in Russia. Chrysotile was the most widely used fiber in the United States, making up just about 95% of all asbestos usage. As asbestos fibers became more and more popular in the late 19th century and early 20th century, many people started to notice unexpected illnesses and deaths relating to breathing and lung problems in asbestos mining towns. By the 1930’s, more speculation arose with asbestos as more people were dying. The US and UK both regulated that ventilation was required in factories using asbestos. Unfortunately, this did little to protect the people working in the factories, when what they should have done was demand an asbestos removal project.

                Finally, in the 1970’s, as more information came out regarding asbestos and the danger they can cause on humans, the United State Government was harshly criticized for not acting sooner. The government had known of the harms of asbestos back in the 1930’s but did little to protect the health and well-being of the citizens of the country. By the end of the 1970’s, asbestos related products were finally being phased out in the US. By the end of the 1980’s, the EPA had started making tougher regulations on asbestos. Even today, with all of the evidence found that shows the harm of asbestos, it is still not completely banned. Business owners are not required to undergo asbestos removal projects; however, they are required to make sure it is in good conditions so that the harmful fibers do not get into the air for people to breathe in. Many third world countries have banned new construction projects using asbestos, but still the United States allows it in certain situations.

                As a building owner and business owner, the safe route is to just avoid asbestos related fibers all together. If you own a building that already contains these materials, save yourself a lawsuit and hire an asbestos removal company to get it removed properly and in an environmentally friendly way. The experts at Core Environmental Contracting have been working on Asbestos Removal and Interior Demolition for over 25 years. We will not only make sure that your building has all hazardous materials removed, but we also know the proper ways of disposing asbestos related minerals so that they do not cause any further harm to the environment. Play it safe, protect yourself, family, loved ones and co-workers by getting asbestos removal projects underway. Contact us today to learn more about our services and what we can do for you! 781-721-4540

Vanilla Box for Apartments and Offices Boston, MA

Many times I have heard someone ask “What does Vanilla Box mean?”. Unfortunately, no, we are not talking about ice cream. If you aren’t a Real Estate agent or a Contractor, its not surprising that you may not know what this means. Here at Core Environmental Contractors, we would like to fill you in.

Vanilla Box is a term use to describe the space that is available for sale for either offices or apartments. It essentially means a clean slate. The space you will be requesting to be built or the space you are leasing will have plain white walls with plain concrete flooring and no  preexisting furniture. Many companies do this when they first purchase a building so that they can rebuild the layout to meet their needs.

If you are looking to rent space and the landlord uses the term “vanilla box”, that means the tenant, you, will have to pay for paint, flooring, any cabinetry or counter tops. If you are a creative person or an interior designer, a vanilla box can be a pretty nice deal. The walls are already prepped and ready to be painted and the concrete floors are ready for carpet or any other flooring.

Vanilla Box Preparations Boston MA If you are a property owner looking for Vanilla Box Preparations for your building to be leased out as offices or apartments, contact Core Environmental Contractors today! Jack Mahoney, owner of Core Contractors, has been working with property managers in New Your City and Boston, MA his entire life. Whether you are looking for Interior Demolition or Vanilla Box Preparations for offices or apartments, Look no further than Core Contractors.

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It has now been over a month since the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School and we still pray for the families effected on that day. From all of us at Core Environmental Contractors, we share our deepest condolences to all those affected by the Newtown, CT shootings and may the families rely on the good memories to bring them into a peaceful place in the New Year.

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