Medford, MA

Medford Massachusetts is located just north of the city of Boston and is most known for Tufts University. Medford has been around for hundreds of years and has become a very thickly settled neighborhood with houses very close to one another. Here at Core Contracting, we are trained to be professional, quiet and courteous to all surrounding homes and neighbors to keep the neighborhood quiet and clean. We've also got a lot of experience working on the old style Victorian homes that you find a lot in Medford. Whether its demolition, asbestos removal or fire restoration, we've done it all the Victorian style homes.

Core Environmental Contractors also has a lot of experience working on Colleges and Universities. Tufts has been around for quite some time and we understand the beauty and history behind some of their buildings and how to preserve it. We are fully trained to work on campus and we work in a timely and quiet manor to not disrupt classes or the quaintness of the campus.

Please call Core Environmental Contractors if you have any question regarding demolition, asbestos removal, Fire & Water damage or Lead & Mold Remediation. (781) 721-4540