Lowell, MA

Lowell, Massachusetts is the 4th largest city in the state and is one of the 2 cities that hold a county seat for Middlesex County. Lowell is known as the cradle of the Industrial Revolution and is most historically known for its mills. In the 1850's, Lowell was known as the largest industrial complex in the United States, where they would weave cotton that was shipped up from the South and at one point produced 35% of the countries clothing. The city began to thrive all the way into the 1900's and World War 1 before the Great Depression came changed the city forever.

Lowell remains are great city and a great place to live and visit. Today, a lot of the old mills remain and can sometime cause some problems with the residents or business owners. Core Environmental Contracting are experts when it comes to old mills in all capacities. Whether you are looking for demolition of an old mill or just looking for asbestos removal, we do it all

Lowell is also home to many College and Universities that are enriched with old historic buildings. We are fully trained to work on Campus's and keep the noise and mess to an absolute minimum.

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