Framingham, MA

Framingham, Massachusetts is located right in between the cities of Boston, MA and Worcester, MA. Framingham is known as a manufacturing city with business like IBM, Bose and CertainTeed. These businesses have huge industrial complexes to hold all of their manufacturing goods. With these large warehouses comes a lot of upkeep. Whether it is repairing damage from Fire or Water, or the need to demolish a part of the warehouse in order to build and expand the business. Core Environmental Contracting can handle all of these needs.

Framingham is also known for its colleges, universities and retail stores. The issue that these type of business’s run into is being able to get the necessary work done, meanwhile staying open for business and not pushing the customers away. Core Environmental Contracting is trained to keep our jobs clean, organized and to get it done in quite fashion. Our goal is to make it so your customers didn’t even know we were there.

To learn more, please call Core Environmental Contractors if you have any question regarding demolition, asbestos removal, Fire & Water damage or Lead & Mold Remediation. (781) 721-4540