Everett, MA

Once part of Charlestown, Everett, Massachusetts is melting pot of all sorts of different ethnic backgrounds. The multi-cultured town quickly turned into a working class city by 1870. Located just 4 miles from Boston, many immigrants decided to settle down here to be a quick commute away from the city. Everett became a very condensed and densely populated city with apartment buildings being built for 3 families, 6 families and even 10 family apartment buildings.

Today, some of the old apartment housing has been deteriorated throughout the decades. Core Environmental Contractors have worked in densely populated neighborhoods and are trained to keep the noise and mess to an absolute minimum. Everett also has a great public school system and is home to many of the area’s best sports teams. Whether the school needs some demolition done or just some repairs from water damage, Core Environmental and highly trained in all areas

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