Boston, MA

Boston, Massachusetts is one of the most historic (and oldest) cities in the United States of America. Although the city has done a great job preserving its historic beauty, many of the older buildings still deal with asbestos problems and may need interior demolition. Core Environmental Contractors specializes in Asbestos Removal & Interior Demolition. Owner Jack Mahoney also is an expert with high rise buildings. He has completed numerous demolition jobs in the city of Boston and he has trained his staff with the knowledge he has gained over the years.

With many colleges and universities within the city and surrounding area, Boston is an international center of higher education. Many of these colleges have been around for hundreds of years and have many old buildings. Core Environmental Contractors has a lot of experience working with Colleges and understands the importance of completing a job quickly, quietly & cleanly, meanwhile preserving the historic looks of these beautiful buildings. When working in Boston, we understand all of the tight corridors, parking restriction, layers of bureaucracy, and red tape is substantial. We are great with dealing with all of the codes and restrictions of the city.

Please call Core Environmental Contractors if you have any question regarding demolition, asbestos removal, Fire & Water damage or Lead & Mold Remediation. (781) 721-4540